You have to realize this, “God’s love transcends every physical challenge”. It’s God’s grace you need in your life & not physical ability

From Jacob who limped, to Paul's thorn in the flesh & Timothy's frequent illnesses, God's love was the overriding factor in their lives

As we see from the passage, Haman was ambitious & sought to be honoured. We shouldn't seek honour, as it comes from God. Ps. 75:7, Luke 14:11

God honours you when He deems it as the right time; don’t seek honour on your own terms

Honour is defined as publically manifested & celebrated respect, esteem, worth or value

You can respect someone privately, without honouring the person. Honour is first an attitude then it becomes an act

How do you show honour? By:

1.     Public recognition

2.     Conferring titles

3.     Celebration

4.     Showing courtesy

5.     By substantiation

Honour originated from God. It is how He shows His approval of a person. John 8:54

Anything you despise, you lay aside. But the things you honour are the things you pursue and likely to get.

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Honour And Authority 1

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